Saturday, February 22, 2014

Let the madness begin

    1. I have to admit, I thought walking into a movie marathon that was going to take over 10 hours would be filled with nothing but loners and the biggest of movie geeks.  I also thought there would only be about 20 of us in the theater.  I was very wrong.

    2. At least about most of that.  There are over 300 people in the theater.  Most if who came armed with blankets, pillows and the extra large popcorn, which I just discovered have free refills.  I'm pretty sure I'm the only lone wolf in the joint.  Most people have found a like minded fool to do this with and everyone is in a pretty great mood.

    3. We all got cool lanyards and programs when we walked in.  There is an mc who announced there would be trivia between flicks.  The first flick, Philomena started right at 12.

    4. This one surprised me, the crowd is here to have a good time and really enjoyed the dry, Irish humor. I really enjoyed this flick.  I've now seen 4 best pic nominees.  I'm pretty sure my 3 favorites are this one, captain Phillips and gravity.  Pretty sure in that order.  American hustle is certainly #4 on my list.

    5. We have a 20 minute break before Dallas buyers club.  Not sure about this one but I hope it's good.

    6. Probably the best news from the first flick is I didn't fall asleep and my bladder held out.  I did have to rush off to the bathroom as the credits rolled, so I missed the trivia this time.  Bummer.  The movies only get longer from here, wish me luck.

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