Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Marathon Concludes

Going into these 4 movies I sat through today as part of the best picture marathon, had I ranked them based on what I thought I'd like, I would have been dead wrong.  Turns out, my list is completely opposite what I thought it would be.  I would have had 12 Years a slave as the preseason #1, hands down.

Perhaps it was because 12 Years began 8 hours and 15 minutes into my day in the aisle seat 4 rows from the top at the AMC Promenade in Weatminster, Colorado.  Perhaps it was because it was the 4th film of the day, maybe because it followed 2 beers and a hearty meal.  Perhaps it's because it was the movie that got the least reaction from the large crowd.  Perhaps it was the cat nap I took 2/3's of the way through the movie.  Perhaps it's the uncomfortable nature of a movie about the horrors of slavery.

I'm not sure exactly but the fact is, it was my least favorite movie.  Of course it's horrific and hard to sit through but for some reason it never hooked me .  This may be the ultimate best picture winner but if I had a vote, right now my vote would go to the one film I assume will get the least amount of votes, Philomena.  I dug that flick.

12 Years also was the first film of the day where my bladder couldn't take anymore.  45 minutes in I had to make a bathroom break.  That was probably more the beers than the movie.

One more observation, I noticed a half dozen people leave the theater during Wolf of Wall Street for what I assume was the obscene nature of the film.  All 6 of those people were back for 12 Years a Slave and they all stayed through the whole film.  I really wanted to ask them how on earth Wall Street was more offensive to them than what was occurring in 12 Years a Slave.

Overall, I really enjoyed the day.  I didn't like my chances of making it through all the films but it was actually pretty easy.  I'm glad I did it, that was a cool way to spend a "I have nothing to do Saturday". If the same was true next week, which it is not, I would consider coming back for the remaining 5 films.  I'm working so it's not an option, plus I've seen 3 of the 5 they are ahowing next week.  I lack only Nebraska and Her.  

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